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Yak's Cafe Blanding Keeping things in Perspective

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Apr 08, 2020
Business Features

Tamy Jaramillo of Yak’s Cafe: We will Survive. Biscuits and all.



“If you think you got it bad….” Tamy Jaramillo at Yak’s Cafe in Blanding reminds us you can be assured that somewhere, someone is suffering worse than you are. And she suggests “Maybe you can make their suffering a little less.” 

Adjustments made turning Yak’s Cafe from full service to a take out restaurant were just another one of the many that waited for those making a living in the restaurant business. “We’ll survive.” Jaramillo said with a smile of confidence recognizable in her voice. 

The restaurant had to close the dining room when everyone else following the state guidelines did. It’s making things tough but Yak’s is focused on surviving this and Tamy is making sure that the proper ingredients are in the mix. Although only open for breakfast and lunch they are still seeing the regulars. It just isn’t the same talking to them through the take out window. 

But Tamy is happy to report that the crew at Yak’s is adjusting to the changes and there are some changes that won’t be made. Quality and home style recipes that Yak’s is known for are going to remain the same. People have to eat and Tamy is happy to be there to feed them. This is just one more hurdle to clear.

On her personal Facebook Page Tamy shares this bit of advice…”Got it bad?? Remember Businesses shut down. Jobs lost. Instead of How Bad! What Can I Do to EASE THE BURDEN?”  

Oh and if you want to know what the special of the day is? Yak’s Facebook page is being updated daily. Just Tamy’s way of easing the burden. Go to Yak’s Facebook page here.  Yak's Cafe. Located at 140 N Grayson Pkwy Blanding . (435) 678-2555