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The Voices of Bears Ears Series,

The Utah Office of Tourism,, has released a series titled "The Voice of Bears Ears: Locals Perspectives on Bears Ears National Monument." Spanning high-elevation peaks, wild plateaus, deep canyons and towering sandstone, Bears Ears National Monument is at the heart of southeastern Utah. These lands are imbued with layers of culture — layers of life. The only way to understand the depths of this landscape is to listen to the locals who connect with the land in their own distinct ways.

In this four-part series, meet:

  1. Carol Talus, Navajo and Airbnb Experience Host
  2. Dustin Randall, Guide and Adventurer
  3. Adam Redd and Chase Murray, Cowboys
  4. Nate Thomas and Jonathan Till, Archaeologists

As Jonathan Till says, "When you go visit a place, go there with a good feeling in your heart." When visiting this area, never forget that these lands are treasured ancestral homelands.

But they are also living communities, home to several Native American tribes, pioneer descendants, and a growing number of outdoors-oriented transplants who appreciate the tight-knit rural communities, traditional values and beautiful landscapes. Bears Ears National Monument is rich with experiences, but sparse when it comes to basic amenities and visitor resources outside of the nearby cities of BlandingBluff and Monticello. Please review our travel advisory for more information.




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