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Small Businesses who paid quarantined workers out for Covid-19 related reasons can be reimbursed through Utah Labor Commission grants. 

Posted On
May 24, 2021
Economic Development

The Utah Labor Commission has confirmed that grant funding remains for businesses that paid employees who were quarantined due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Employers should be able to  access reimbursements for wages paid out from the state.  Average time spent according to the labor commission is about 20 minutes to complete the application.


Employees who were confirmed to have had the virus and quarantined, and those with family members who were diagnosed positive and remained home as a result of the quarantine to care for them, are covered under the guidelines of the grant.


If you are a small business owner (50 employees or less)  who paid wages to employees as described above, you should be able to qualify for the grant. The Utah Labor Commision will guide you through the process of setting up access to the portal to apply for the grant. By following the link provided employers should be able to determine if they are eligible and what they will need to fill out the application. 


At present $900,000.00 in funding for this program has been left untouched. The Utah Labor Commission would like to disburse these funds to deserving businesses. 


Here is the link to the Utah Labor Commission webpage regarding the grant. Small Business Quarantined Employee Grant