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Taylor Made - SJC RCGP Results

Posted On
Dec 30, 2020
Economic Development
Business Features

Another  San Juan County Rural Community Grant Program (RCGP) recipient has already put the funding to work with the purchase of a CNC machine. Computer Numerical Control in case you’re wondering. It's an extremely accurate cutting machine that can produce parts for cabinet makers like Taylor Made Wooden Heritage in Blanding. 


According to Quinn Palmer of Taylor Made, the machine's potential isn’t even known yet. 


“We don't know exactly what its production rate is and what it's capable of at full capacity. As for our company, so far it is cutting about half of the cutout time for a set of cabinets. It's also making the parts, holes and squareness more accurate.” Said Palmer.


Online reviews of the CNC machines prowess indicate Taylor Made Wooden Heritage will see less waste and much more accuracy in tolerances that make designs fit together better straight out of the machine. 


“It also gives us more opportunities to be able to do different styles of cabinets. With the CNC machine we are able to do more commercial work which we haven't been able to do in the past.” Palmer continued. 


And for the jobs economy? 


Palmer volunteered this, “So far we have already hired one full time employee. We can see, if the economy continues to do good, there is the possibility to hire more. As far as the increased reach of our company, we're hoping to be able to cut out parts for other cabinetry companies. We just want to thank San Juan County for the work done to get out RCGP funds to businesses like ours.”