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Starting a Business

Starting your own business is an exciting, yet stressful process! For entrepreneurs, the hardest part of that process is knowing the necessary steps and what resources are available to help you along the way. Below is a startup checklist that will help guide you through the process and give you the confidence you need to launch your own business today!

1. San Juan County

Learn more about San Juan County Utah, area data, community profiles, and region.

2. Local Support

San Juan County has support for all stages and sizes of business

3. Business Need

Market Research, Customer Interaction, Validate Problem & Solution, Competition

4. Write a Business Plan

Description, Business Location, Target Market, Product, Startup Costs, Financial Projections

5. Marketing Strategy

Vision & Mission Statement, Marketing Agencies, Marketing Plan

6. Intellectual Property Right

Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Patent Attorney

7. Finance Your Business

Identify Funding Sources

8. Names & Legal Structure

Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, LLC, Corporations, Non-Profit, etc.

9. Register Business Entity

Help with Registry, Utah Entity Registry Website

10. Obtain a Federal EIN

Apply Now

11. Health Inspections & Permits

San Juan Health Department oversees environmental health, food handlers permits, food services permits, and other services

12. Planning & Zoning

Conditional Use Permits, Zone Districts, Local Ordinances

13. Business License

Cities, Towns, Counties

14. Website & Social Media

Marketing Agencies, Online Resources

15. Business Bank Account

Financial Institutions Near you

16. Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance, Other Business Insurance, Insurance Providers

17. Accounting Systems

Find a Local CPA Firm Near You

18. Hiring & Training

Sales, Customer Service, Management, Product Development

19. Networking

Local Chamber of Commerce, Business Association

20. Grow Your Business

Get more Funding, Expand, Merge

21. Buy Existing Business

Franchising vs. Buying a Business

22. Business Resources

Federal, State and Local Programs

23. Your Community

Events, Destinations, Cities & Towns Near You