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Utah's Canyon Country Mobile Tour Guide

Experience Utah’s Canyon Country Like a Local

The “Utah’s Canyon Country Mobile Guide” provides helpful tips, planning tools, special local deals and alerts to help you get the most out of your time in Southeastern Utah.

This helpful guide is a mobile app that features all of the most popular attractions, sites and activities around San Juan County along with the top lodging and dining options you’ll definitely want to include in your trip plans. But it’s much more than just a mobile travel brochure.

You can use Utah’s Canyon Country app to plan your trip, make reservations, get directions to nearby attractions and receive special alerts and tips for unique experiences, events and special promotions happening near you.

Enhance Your Visit

Our mobile guide will enhance your experience in ways such as:

  • Letting you know about other sites, events and local experiences you might be interested in
  • Simplifying check-ins and reservations
  • Providing virtual tours through museums and other sites
  • Receiving special deals for local restaurants, stores and other businesses
  • Unique facts, tips and recommendations about things to do and see near you

Explore Your Backyard

Locals can benefit from the mobile guide too. You might already be familiar with many of the things to do in San Juan County, but who doesn’t like receiving special offers and reminders about the local events and activities happening nearby? Download the “Utah’s Canyon Country Mobile App” and start exploring your backyard today!

Download the Mobile Guide

Choose a link below, or search for “Utah’s Canyon Country” in the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

Download to Apple device (COMING SOON)

Download to Android device (COMING SOON)

Using the Mobile Guide

In order to get the most benefit from our mobile guide, you will need to allow push notifications and limited location tracking through the application. This allows the app to give you precise directions, location-specific virtual experiences and suggest the deals, activities and events most relevant to where you are.

But don’t worry! We promise not to overwhelm you with a barrage of constant notifications. You’ll only receive them now and then when there is something you’re likely to be interested in. And they are easy to ignore if you choose to (but you might miss out on some cool stuff!).

As you visit different places, stay at hotels, and explore Utah’s Canyon Country, you’ll likely notice multiple places where you are invited to interact with a particular exhibit, product, or monument.

For instance, you might see a sticker that says something like “Place your phone here to see what this dinosaur looked like when it was alive!” or, “Scan here to ship a bottle of this sauce back home.” Don’t miss out on all the fun virtual experiences scattered throughout the parks, sites and communities in this beautiful section of southern Utah.

Welcome to Utah’s Canyon Country!

Mobile Guide Support

Having issues with our mobile tour guide? Send us your questions and our support team will be happy to help. We will respond to your request as soon as we can.

Support Email: [email protected]

In the “Subject” line, please put “Mobile Tour Guide Help.”

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