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Dinosaur Museum

754 S 200 W
Blanding, UT 84511
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From preserved bones, fossilized skin and footprints to skeletal reconstructions and state-of-the-art graphics, the Dinosaur Museum in Blanding offers a comprehensive look at the dinosaurs that once roamed the Four Corners Region of southeastern Utah. The museum also presents global dinosaur history through a display of dinosaur eggs from around the world and several skeletal reconstructions. Of note are the German Plateosaurus of the Triassic period; a Tarbosaurus from Mongolia, an early relative to the North American T-Rex; and a mummified Edmontosaurus, a rare duck-billed dinosaur mummy discovered in Wyoming in 1910. The museum's extensive Stegosaurus research is a featured exhibit. The highlight of the museum is definitely the 14 ft tall Therizinosaurus, a towering feathered dinosaur with a 20 foot wingspan, the dominates the special exhibits room. The 'History Hall of Dinosaur Movies' offers the largest collection of dinosaur movies posters in the world. Catalogs and dinosaur memorabilia can be purchased in the gift shop. The Dinosaur Museum is open Mondays through Saturdays from April through September, with extended summer hours. The museum can be reached easily from US Highway 191.

At The Dinosaur Museum, gigantic fossilized logs from before the Age of Dinosaurs set the stage for your walk through time. On view are skeletons, fossilized skin, eggs, footprints, and beautifully realistic sculptures which represent dinosaurs from the Four Corners region and throughout the globe. View a rare duckbill dinosaur mummy and a tyrannosaur from Mongolia. Stroll through the 'History Hall of Dinosaur Movies' and see an actual stop-motion model used in the original 1933 film classic, 'King Kong.' View The Dinosaur Museum Website.

The Dinosaur Museum in Blanding is a true hidden gem, and is sure to capture the attention and imagination of dinosaur lovers of all ages!

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