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Carhops without Skates. Patio Diner in Blanding adapts for the times

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Mar 25, 2020
Business Features

Carhops without Skates. Patio Diner in Blanding adapts for the times.


Lana Arthur at the Patio Restaurant in Blanding was quick to act in order to adapt to the State of Utah’s call to temporarily halt all inside dining. It was a challenge but one she was up for. “We got the order to close down the dining room Tuesday night and we had something working the next day.” She said in a recent phone interview. Delivery, all over Blanding, and curbside pick up too. 


The carryout window was already a known factor according to Lana. But the big change was in how different it is to work with call in and online ordering. The wait staff transitioned from running orders to the dining room to answering calls, taking orders, and becoming carhops. “We joked that we needed skates but I am a little too old for that.” Lana added. 


In Blanding the traffic congestion is still light enough for her newest employee, a delivery driver, to respond in minutes when an order is ready to go. Lana already had a list of applicants for jobs at the Patio so it was pretty easy to find someone to fill the delivery slot. It would usually take a few days of training before any employee was earning their keep but since local teens know how to drive cars and the other requirement was knowing your way around Blanding, there wasn’t much training required. 

Oh yeah and the food...nothing has changed. All the old favorites are still there. The Philly Cheese Steak and the Classic Burger are as popular as ever. And according to Lana the homemade onion rings are flying out of the place. Patio Diner (435) 678-2177. 95 Grayson Pkwy, Blanding UT 84511.  Located in Blanding across from the Maverick Station.