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This newsroom contains all the features on San Juan County Economic Development and Utah's Canyon Country.

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Jones and DeMille and San Juan County, 20 years of growth.

  • Posted On: 4/6/20 at 09:16 AM
  • Category: Business Features
For the past 5 years the firm has been leasing space near the Public Safety building in Monticello. Growth has made that tight for the current staff of nine.  Admin staff along with five engineers, a surveyor and two construction technicians will soon move into the new office space in Monticello. The new offices leave room to grow. 

Senator Romney holds webinar on Covid-19 relief

  • Posted On: 3/31/20 at 10:09 AM
  • Category: Economic Development
Senator Mitt Romney sat for a webinar with members of the business community on Monday March 30th. After offering condolences to the small businesses and individuals who are feeling the financial effects of the Covid-19 virus, the Senator went on to outline what is in the package that has been crafted to help. 

Carhops without Skates. Patio Diner in Blanding adapts for the times

  • Posted On: 3/25/20 at 10:38 PM
  • Category: Business Features
Lana Arthur at the Patio Restaurant in Blanding was quick to act in order to adapt to the State of Utah’s call to temporarily halt all inside dining. It was a challenge but one she was up for. “We got the order to close down the dining room Tuesday night and we had something working the next day.” She said in a recent phone interview. Delivery, all over Blanding, and curbside pick up too.

Jackalope Trading Company Brands Monticello

  • Posted On: 3/25/20 at 10:19 PM
  • Category: Business Features
The antlers would make it seem almost impossible for them to burrow, what is their habitat? There may be more questions than answers about the taxidermy Jackalopes available at Jackalope Trading Company.

San Juan Building Supply...Putting a roof over your head.

  • Posted On: 3/24/20 at 08:54 AM
  • Category: Business Features
Stan Hurst at San Juan Building Supply has been giving area residents shelter from the storm since 1989, now it’s time for a big thank you. In case you aren’t aware of it, the big home improvement stores have nothing on this local fixture. If all you care about is price and think the big guys can get it to you cheaper, think again. Anyone crunching numbers will realize that the distance you have to travel to one of those will quickly gobble up any saving you might have gained off a 2x4 that was priced a few cents cheaper. And most times that is all the price difference you will see on such items. Many times Stan can match or beat their price.  After several build projects it became more than apparent that apples to apples, I was saving money by spending it with the local guy.