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This newsroom contains all the features on San Juan County Economic Development and Utah's Canyon Country.

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Thatzza Pizza, 150 pies in One Day? Your kid could be rolling in the dough.

  • Posted On: 6/23/20 at 11:00 AM
  • Category: Business Features
Thatzza Pizza delivers pizza and OJT for the local kids.

Dino-gestion on display at Blanding museum

  • Posted On: 6/19/20 at 11:38 AM
  • Category: Business Features, Utah's Canyon Country
Coming this season to The Dinosaur Museum in Blanding: stones from a dinosaur gizzard.

Blue Mountain Horse Head Inn, a little history.

  • Posted On: 6/5/20 at 01:57 PM
  • Category: Business Features
A pioneers home has become a place to find a good nights sleep at the Blue Mountain Horse Head Inn.

The Parks and Beautification Committee puts Monticello on the map...literally.

  • Posted On: 5/7/20 at 01:49 PM
  • Category: Business Features
Visitors and residents alike may find some off the beaten path adventures thanks to several new wayside maps of Monticello that have popped up in the community. Like magic, to everyone but the workers from the city who installed them, the signs appeared in three spots around the town last week.

Monticello Charity Challenge

  • Posted On: 5/4/20 at 09:05 AM
  • Category: Business Features, Economic Development
Kristine Curtis and Marci Bothwell are fans of making things happen. In a small town it's a lot easier to see the effects of your efforts. That's what led to the Monticello Charity Challenge.