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This newsroom contains all the features on San Juan County Economic Development and Utah's Canyon Country.

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The Parks and Beautification Committee puts Monticello on the map...literally.

  • Posted On: 5/7/20 at 01:49 PM
  • Category: Business Features
Visitors and residents alike may find some off the beaten path adventures thanks to several new wayside maps of Monticello that have popped up in the community. Like magic, to everyone but the workers from the city who installed them, the signs appeared in three spots around the town last week.

Monticello Charity Challenge

  • Posted On: 5/4/20 at 09:05 AM
  • Category: Business Features, Economic Development
Kristine Curtis and Marci Bothwell are fans of making things happen. In a small town it's a lot easier to see the effects of your efforts. That's what led to the Monticello Charity Challenge.

Energy Fuels sets sights on Rare Earth Elements

  • Posted On: 4/29/20 at 02:12 PM
  • Category: Business Features
Energy Fuels is looking at Rare Earth Elements. Your smartphone is full of them. The iPhone for example uses 8 of them for everything from screen colors to magnets for the speakers and circuitry. The US Department of Energy classifies them as “Technology Metals” due to the fact that they are required to produce many of our most advanced technologies. The list includes MRI machines, computer screens, automobiles and ranges as wide as use in optical glass and as catalysts for the process of oil refining. It is very likely Rare Earth Elements have impacted your life without you even knowing it. 

Unique Creations and Gifts...if you need tu-tu's...

  • Posted On: 4/24/20 at 08:30 AM
  • Category: Business Features
Sarah Pipkin owner of Unique Creations and Gifts may have the corner on a lucrative niche market in the Four Corners region.

Homestead Steak House adjusting to the new reality

  • Posted On: 4/17/20 at 03:11 PM
  • Category: Business Features
Sharon Guymon and Katie Shumway plot Homestead Steak House strategies for the new reality.