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This newsroom contains all the features on San Juan County Economic Development and Utah's Canyon Country.

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Bluff 1365 years later

  • Posted On: 12/3/19 at 03:32 PM
  • Category: Economic Development, Local Business News, Local News
For a little over 1300 years the Town of Bluff has been more than just a wide spot on the San Juan River beneath the sandstone spires dubbed The Navajo Twins. Tradition tells a story that the twins are the prayer sticks belonging to Monster Slayer and Born for Water, two very powerful characters, perhaps the most important in Navajo mythology. In 2018 the small community became Utah’s newest town. A population of approximately 250 people now call Bluff home. 

Blanding Elevates Marketing with Cafeteria & Co-Op Programs

  • Posted On: 12/2/19 at 03:26 PM
  • Category: Economic Development, Local Business News
Blanding City put a wrap on a strong 2019 and is moving right into what Pratt Redd hopes is a huge 2020 economically. Redd of Blanding City’s Economic Development office says “This past year Blanding City has been able to really market ourselves and take big steps forward in economic development and visitor services.” The community is divided in its assessment of the forces of growth. Redd explains it as only a local can. “ At times growth and tourism are frowned upon and misunderstood, but the best way to combat that is to work with the residents and try our best to attract growth and visitors that align with the community.”

2019 SJC EDVS Co-Op & Cafeteria Program Awards

  • Posted On: 8/29/19 at 02:32 PM
  • Category: Economic Development
In 2019 the San Juan County Economic Development & Visitor Services (SJCEDVS) office allocated $100K into a Cafeteria Program & Co-Op Grant Program--essentially a grant and resource program--to assist communities and business groups in their tourism marketing efforts. The funding for this program is a percentage of the Transient Room Tax (TRT) dollars the county receives that state statute ear marks for the marketing of tourism. The hope of our office in opening these programs was to help applicants stretch their marketing dollar and messaging, as well as to provide collaborative reinvestment into the communities and businesses generating these funds.

Enterprise Zone Non-profit Tax Credit Program

  • Posted On: 5/23/19 at 08:02 AM
  • Category: Economic Development
GOED's Office of Rural Development is pleased to announce the FY20 Enterprise Zone Non-profit Tax Credit Program (EZNP) which will be available to 501C-3 Utah-based non-profit organizations that are planning on developing projects that have a positive community and economic impact in designated rural Enterprise Zone areas.

Indigo Impact Intiative

  • Posted On: 2/24/19 at 12:43 PM
  • Category: Economic Development
Secondary education is a key component to Economic Development, primarily in its capacity to initiate training with the future workforce of our county--thus allowing our youth to stay and work local! Indigo Impact Initiative is working with different organizations to bring Self-Awareness Education, Entrepreneurship Education and VR Technology to Navajo High Schools in San Juan County, Utah.