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This newsroom contains all the features on San Juan County Economic Development and Utah's Canyon Country.

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Fall in San Juan County delivers on Golf, Fishing, and Wildlife.

  • Posted On: 9/13/21 at 09:01 AM
  • Category: Things to Do, Utah's Canyon Country
As the sun heads for the Autumnal equinox it’s a good time to set your sites on fall activities in San Juan County.

The Fishes of San Juan County

  • Posted On: 9/10/21 at 02:18 PM
  • Category: Things to Do, Utah's Canyon Country
Several species of fish populate the waters of San Juan County lakes and rivers. Going north to south, here is what you can expect to find on the other end of your line when you see that bobber bobb and feel that old familiar tug.

Off the Grid, Under the Stars and over the Moon at Utah's Glamping Canyonlands

  • Posted On: 9/8/21 at 10:35 AM
  • Category: Local News, Things to Do
After 2020, who’s not eager to zoom away from screens and quarantines? If you like the idea of dipping your toes into camping and the great outdoors, but feel hesitant to take the full plunge, then Utah’s Glamping Canyonlands offers just the right mix.

A Monumental Road Trip From Salt Lake City

  • Posted On: 9/8/21 at 08:37 AM
  • Category: Things to Do, Utah's Canyon Country
Utah’s national monument lands tell ancient tales of our planet’s earliest land formations and inhabitants.

The America you've never seen

  • Posted On: 9/7/21 at 04:48 PM
Off the vast, picturesque highways, often reserved for long-haul truckers and retired RVers sits a forgotten land that once told many stories. Watch Gareth Leonard explore down by the 4 corners, where Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado come together, there’s a history of this country that’s rarely shown.