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U95 Bicentennial Scenic Byway

Route Length
140 mile drive
Time to Allow
5 hours

At its western terminus at Hanksville, the Byway skirts reminders of the gold rush era and Indian battles. At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area it snakes through magnificent red gorges on its approach to the blue of Lake Powell. It gives access to Hite Marina, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Grand Gulch Primitive Area. The Byway cuts through Comb Ridge, a sandstone monocline 1000 feet from the wash bottom to the top of the cliffs; it passes Butler Wash Indian Ruin, a small cliff dwelling at the end of a one mile hike; and finally joins US Highway 191 south of Blanding. From Hanksville to Blanding, allow 5 hours for this 140 mile drive with a stop at Natural Bridges, Mule Canyon, and Butler Wash.