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Scenic Drives

There's no way to describe the magnificent drives that await anyone who loves the open road.  Hollywood has made a career out of showing off the scenic roads in the Monument Valley area, but equally impressive are drives along highways 95, 163, 191, 261, 275, 276.  The diversity of scenic drives in Utah's Canyon Country ranges from lower desert terrain to high mountain forests.  

Scenic pullouts and overlooks allow you to stop whenever and wherever you choose.  Plan your trip by selecting one or two towns in San Juan County where you can base, and then venture out on all points of the compass.  All along your drives you'll find world-class attractions and ancient history sites that will draw your interest and keep you fascinated.  

For some of these scenic routes we encourage you to bring your food and drinks for the day and make sure you have enough space on your camera for all of your photos.  Many routes will pass through the cities and towns of Utah's Canyon Country where you can pick up meals and supplies along the way.


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