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Rainbow Bridge National Monument

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If it's difficult to imagine Rainbow Bridge's scale - 290 feet high and spanning 275 feet across - picture this: the U.S. Capitol building would fit beneath it. Rainbow Bridge is 42 feet wide and 33 feet thick at the top of the arch. More than 300,000 people around the world visit the monument each year, but Rainbow Bridge holds an especially sacred place in local Native American culture. Ancient Puebloans named the bridge Nonnezoshe, which means “rainbow turned to stone.” While it's possible to hike several hours to Rainbow Bridge through Navajo lands (permit required), most visitors arrive by ferry. The boat ride to Rainbow Bridge takes about two hours from Hall's Crossing, followed by a 1.25-mile hike from the Bridge Canyon wharf.

Although located in the Navajo Nation, Rainbow Bridge National Monument is administered by the National Park Service-Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Navajo Mountain Access:
Permits obtained from Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation

  • 14 mile (26 km) hiking trail
  • 13 mile (24 km) hiking trail

Lake Powell Access by boat:
Tours leave regularly from Halls Crossing Marina and other marinas.

  • No Visitor Contact Station
  • No Campground
  • Ranger Interpretive Programs - scheduled at the monument during the summer
National Parks - Monuments