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Mountain Biking



Utah’s Canyon Country is filled with backroads and trails that are perfect for the adventurous biker. It’s common for travelers to hike to different destinations, but many trails in the area are long and perfect for biking. The terrain is diverse from low desert to high mountains so you can experience trails through canyons, forests and deserts and find amazing photographic vistas along the way. The scenery along the highways is magnificent for cycling and also passes through deserts, mountains and over plateaus. Due to the various terrain in the area, a guide is recommended.



Bikepacking, or an overnight biking trip, is gaining popularity as a way to adventure through remote areas. As the largest county in the state of Utah, Utah’s Canyon Country has many roads and trails perfect for this type of adventure. The Abajo Mountains offer many trails including Robertson’s Pasture, Shay Ridge, Spring Creek and Monticello’s Millsite. Local guide, Roam Industry offers guided bike-packing experiences as well as gear rentals and shuttles.


Trails in the area

  • Beginner

    • Abajo Foothills Trail System, single track

    • Valley of the Gods, dirt road

    • Comb Wash Road, dirt road

  • Intermediate

    • Abajo Foothills Trail System, single track

    • Spring Creek, single track

    • Wagon Wheel Trail, two-track/ATV trail

    • Lower Indian Creek Trail, single track

  • Expert

    • Bulldog Trail, two-track/road

    • Robertsons Pasture, single track

    • Shay Ridge, two-track/ATV trail

    • Hotel Rock Trail, Jeep trail