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ATV / Motorcycle

Off-roading in Utah’s Canyon Country


Off-roading is a fun activity in Utah’s Canyon Country to explore the backcountry. ATV and 4x4 trails attract visitors to Blanding and Monticello as well as other locations across the county. Backcountry trails spread throughout the county to different and unique scenic views that you can’t find anywhere else.


Motorcycles and Jeeps are other great ways to experience scenic byways, canyons, valleys, mesa, plateaus and mountains. The variety of terrain will keep you riding exciting trails designed specifically for off-roading until sunset. The city of Monticello also offers the Bull Hollow Raceway for motorcycle racing events.



A significant effort has been made to map the trails in this region so visitors can easily navigate to trailheads. Access to these maps is available on the San Juan Public Entry & Access Rights (SPEAR) website.


Guides and Outfitters

Because of the unique nature of ATV trails, it is common that travelers hire a local guide or sign up for a tour of the area in order to stay safe in the isolated trail areas. Guide and outfitters also offer Jeep tours as well.

Taking a tour with an outfitter in Utah’s Canyon Country is beneficial for the exclusive and unforgettable journey you can experience. Many tours explore the backcountry of Monument Valley, showing you the hidden beauty the public can’t see and teaching about the historical Ancestral Puebloan people and their culture along the way.


Other off-roading tour excursions explore places that you can’t find on a map in Bears Ears National Monument, Arch Canyon and more. Tours with these companies can range from half to full-day adventures. Find the Guide and Outfitter that’s right for you.


Annual San Juan ATV Safari Event

Every year in mid-September, the San Juan ATV Safari brings off-roading enthusiasts to Utah’s Canyon Country to experience the trails. For three days, riders explore from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the canyons accompanied by a banquet, entertainment and more. If the ATV Safari is something you would be interested in, learn more about it and make sure to register early as there are limited spots available.


ATV Trails by area:


North of Monticello: