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The Utah Manufacturers conducted an assessment of barriers to growth for Utah Manufacturers. One of the key findings was the complexity, cost and cycle time of global supply chains. Based on this finding the recommendation was made:

Implement the “Virtual Industrial Park” (now called Utah CAN) concept by cataloging the processes and capabilities of Utah manufacturers. This would help to build the connections for larger companies in Utah with local suppliers. Direct resources to make sure the local suppliers have the expertise to develop the capability to bid competitively by using lean manufacturing techniques to improve quality, cycle time or reduce costs.

Utah Manufacterer’s Association (UMA) led the initiative and together with MEP, GOED, DWFS, Higher Ed, PTAC, and others started a collaborative effort led by the manufacturing industry in the state of Utah. Representatives from large and small manufacturers collaborated to bring about what we now know as Utah CAN!

Visit your local Economic Development Office for more information.

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