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Utah and Colorado best Four Corners states for touring Electric Vehicles

Renewable energy trade publication Clean Technica reports that Utah, like Colorado, is leading two other states, Arizona and New Mexico in providing charging options for non Tesla electric vehicles. The map provided with the article shows icons throughout Colorado and Utah indicating places Chevy Volt or Toyota Leaf owners may be able to charge their vehicles. But south of Bluff it becomes a bit of an EV (Electronic Vehicle) wasteland.


BOB (Business Owners of Bluff) member Linda Sosa pointed out that Utah’s newest incorporated town has not just one station but two. “The Town of Bluff is happy to have two new charging stations. We are a hub for travelers in the Four Corners and we expect 2021 to be a big travel year!”


The map provided by the online publication reveals that once you depart Bluff you will be hard pressed to find a recharging station before Interstate 40. Clean Technica reports that it would be very difficult for drivers to continue past Bluff and into Arizona on US 191, for example. It might be possible to get to I-40 but for the EV’s in question there is no way they will make it into areas south of there without a recharge. And once away from the interstates it would be nearly impossible to drive a Leaf or Volt all the way to the Grand Canyon without some serious down time while Sparky sips electrons from anything but a rapid charging station. 


New Mexico fared just as poorly as Arizona in the EV recharging game. In all four states Electrify America, a network of rapid charging stations,  has made strides in upgrading charging stations and installing them along interstates in those states.  Interstates 10, 40, 17 and 80 are starting to have great coverage according to Clean Technica but getting off the beaten path to tourist destinations is where the ball is dropped in those other states. 


So bring your Leaf, your Volt or your Tesla. Utah is ready to keep you charged. Besides, San Juan County has better adventures than Arizona anyway. 



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