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This newsroom contains all the features on San Juan County Economic Development and Utah's Canyon Country.

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Emery Telcom continues to thread its way to Broadband and Fiber Optic connections

  • Posted On: 12/9/19 at 03:22 PM
  • Category: Economic Development
Emery Telcom continues to thread its way to Broadband and Fiber Optic connections for the majority of San Juan County. Congressional funding for the project matches investment with communications companies for providing service to rural America. In a win win situation companies like Emery are given the opportunity to expand their service and improve reliability at a higher level than they might be able to afford currently. And the nation gets a network of broadband allowing those in its reach to become part of a vibrant digital world. Telecommuting from literally anywhere is the ultimate goal. 

H+ Aesthetics

  • Posted On: 12/5/19 at 04:58 PM
  • Category: Business Features
Blanding City has been fast tracked to development, in part because of the increase in traffic through the region as well as Blanding City's strategic move in hiring an Economic Development Specialist--Pratt Redd. Overall there has not only been an increase in visitors but has also a bit of a boom for the retailers and services located in Blanding. The Rural Fast Track Program has been used successfully for that by Hannah Bailey owner of  H+ Aesthetics.

Bluff 1365 years later

  • Posted On: 12/3/19 at 03:32 PM
  • Category: Economic Development, Local Business News, Local News
For a little over 1300 years the Town of Bluff has been more than just a wide spot on the San Juan River beneath the sandstone spires dubbed The Navajo Twins. Tradition tells a story that the twins are the prayer sticks belonging to Monster Slayer and Born for Water, two very powerful characters, perhaps the most important in Navajo mythology. In 2018 the small community became Utah’s newest town. A population of approximately 250 people now call Bluff home. 

Blanding Elevates Marketing with Cafeteria & Co-Op Programs

  • Posted On: 12/2/19 at 03:26 PM
  • Category: Economic Development, Local Business News
Blanding City put a wrap on a strong 2019 and is moving right into what Pratt Redd hopes is a huge 2020 economically. Redd of Blanding City’s Economic Development office says “This past year Blanding City has been able to really market ourselves and take big steps forward in economic development and visitor services.” The community is divided in its assessment of the forces of growth. Redd explains it as only a local can. “ At times growth and tourism are frowned upon and misunderstood, but the best way to combat that is to work with the residents and try our best to attract growth and visitors that align with the community.”

Patio Leverages RFT, SBA, USDA, and more.

  • Posted On: 9/18/19 at 02:53 PM
  • Category: Business Features
The Patio Diner in Blanding was long overdue for a renovation. A landmark in the town since the 1950's it first started out as an A&W but by 1964 it had become The Patio. And on the patio was where a good number of it's diners ate. That is until Lana and Ricky Arthur became the owners.  Through the Rural Fast Track Program in the State of Utah Natalie Randall at the San Juan County Economic Development and Visitors Services office was able to help the Arthurs work through the process of getting a Fast Track Grant for a substantial portion of what they needed to make the necessary improvements. That funding and some help with a Gap Loan through the Revolving Loan Fund through the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Government (SEUALG), as well as an SBA loan are a few of the tools in the array of assistance programs for businesses that allowed them to make major improvements in The Patio. Lana says it was a bit of a juggling act. The bank was interested in the stream of revenue continuing, even through the renovation. “The bank was strict on closures but we did it. With Natalie’s help I think we cut the amount of time to get through the approval process by a third.” She says.