Blanding, Utah
Quality of Life

San Juan County is known for its beauty and diversity. Colorful slickrock canyons and deserts, ancient Pueblo ruins, intriguing geologic formations, Lake Powell, National and State Parks and Monuments, beautiful mountains, creeks and lakes, as well as three major rivers are all within the borders of San Juan County.

Quality of Life is an extremely important component in the county's economic development, and one not readily measured. The isolation and remote location of San Juan County are seen as both assets and challenges. Many of the people in the county are of pioneer heritage, devoutly religious, and very independent. This independence sometimes surfaces as the glue that holds the community together, but can also be seen as a challenge.

Crime Rate

Crime rate and incidence of violence are very low in San Juan County as compared to metropolitan areas. The rural nature of society in the county tends to limit the incidence of serious crime.


In 1992, family farms operated in the county with an average of 1577 acres. The quality of life has been historically linked with agricultural endeavor. The livestock industry is, however, under siege. Livestock producers are, in some cases, battling for existence. Many agricultural producers have at least one family member working off the farm or ranch to add support.

Government employs the largest number of people in the county. Federal, State, and County employees numbered 1370 in 1992. For the same period, the wholesale and retail trades employed 550; service and miscellaneous 637; with declining numbers for other industry.

Arts and Enterntainment

Kigalia Fine Arts in Blanding, and Blue Mountain Entertainment in Monticello, bring entertainment to each community through the year. Musicians and vocalists, magicians, and puppet shows delight audiences. The Edge of the Seaters Theater Group performs in Blanding throughout the year, and Young's Theater, an historic building in Monticello, is currently being renovated by the Monticello Foundation and, when completed, will provide year-round community theater.

Clubs and Organizations

The following clubs and organizations are active in San Juan County:

  • Blanding Chamber of Commerce
  • Boy Scouts
  • Cub Scouts
  • Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
  • Lions
  • Monticello Chamber of Commerce
  • Monticello Foundation
  • Natural Food Club
  • San Juan Foundation
  • Southwest Heritage Foundation TOPS
  • Trail of the Ancients Amateur Archaeology Society
  • 4-H (operated by the Utah State University Extension Service located in the County Courthouse in Monticello

The Kigalia Book Club in Blanding, the Arts Club in Monticello, and a group in Bluff regularly study and discuss literature and topics of cultural interest.

Arts and Crafts Education

Private music and dance lessons are available for adults and children through local teachers. The area has become home to many artists and craftspersons, some of whom teach their skills in private classes. Monticello is home to Soapy's Gallery, an artists' cooperative.