Jeep / 4x4
Which ever location you choose to base from, you'll have lodging, dining, and guide & outfitter options from which to choose.

Monument Valley:
Lodging available here at Gouldings Lodge provides a base to explore the Monument Valley region in a guided or un-guided tour.   From here move east toward Mexican Hat and Bluff.   Enjoy views in Mexican Hat over the San Juan River and of the rock formation for which Mexican Hat is named.

Bluff / Mexican Hat:
From Bluff or Mexican Hat you can base and venture out in many directions.   To the southwest is Monument Valley and to the east you'll find Hovenweep National Monument and the Four Corners markers.   You can loop from Bluff or Mexican Hat to the Valley of the Gods up the Moki Dugway and to overlooks at Muley Point, Goosenecks State Park, and then travel north to Natural Bridges National Monument and Fry Canyon.  You have the option of swing northwest on Highway 95 to Hite Marina at Lake Powell.   Circling back to the east on highway 275 toward Blanding you will pass locations for Native American ruins such as Mule Canyon.  Further east you pass through Comb Ridge which extends for miles north and south and is a beautiful and formidable rock ridge-line.   Cycle south to return to Bluff or Mexican Hat.

From Blanding the options are equally significant with options to perform the same loop as you would from Bluff and Mexican Hat around the loop to the Valley of the Gods, Moki Dugway, Muley Point, Goosenecks State Park, Natural Bridges National Monument and circling back to Blanding past Mule Canyon and Comb Ridge.   Other options include trips to Hovenweep on the east or north into the Abajo Mountains.  Back-roads lead into canyons for exploration or onto mountains where more scenic views are available.

Monticello / Las Sal / Southern Moab:
These can be locations from which to base when exploring Canyonlands National Park, the La Sal Mountains and the roads that spiral out from these communities.   A loop from Monticello swings west into the Abajo Mountains and then north to Newspaper Rock and the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park.   Between La Sal and Monticello are roads that lead into the Needles Overlook and the Anticline Overlook in Canyonlands N.P.
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